Bokeh Logo - bokeh meaning the blurry part of an image.

Meet the Team

Our team is a conglomerate of internal staff, and external contracters.  We pride ouselves on working with the industry best and having solid relationships with our contract or associate businesses.
Web Designer

Paul Cornish

Paul is our principal photographer for commercial work, 
he has been recognized by some of the industry
leaders as a light master.  His skills honed in real world
projects covering everthing from fashion shows to
photographing 1000 screwdrivers for a catalogue.

Jac Williams

Jac is both photographer and designer, her skills in 
arrangement, the details and colour matching are
second to none.  Her keen eye brings an average
scene up to something cinematic in it's impact.
With her on the job, you know you'll have impact.
One of the very best designers in the UK, Marina's skills are sought after from many and we use her judgement and design skills to keep us on track with trends and brand.

The very pinnacle of literary genius, James is always the first name on our lips when it comes to copywriting.  If you want your message to make sense and get traction, his mind is a must.
George is the most incredibly read man you will meet.  What he doesn't know about human interaction and the sales process isn't worth knowing.  His skill is in identifying the buying needs of your client... speak to him, he'll blow your mind.
Not only is Peter the best technician we know, he's also a damned good photographer.  Where we use his skills most though in in Aerial photography as He is fully qualified and insure for drone flying.
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