What do your photographs say about your business -
what if we could make them better than your competition?


Bokeh - A Japanese term to describe the blur in a photograph
caused by the out of focus elements and defined by the aperture and depth of field of a lens.

What do you look for in a photograph, are you aware of the subtleties such as the bokeh, the contrast, the separation and the lighting / shadow elements?  Everything photographically can be seen as a personal point of view, some people love harsh light, creating strong black shadows, others like to see detail in the shadows and a varied but intricate palate.  For others, a sharp image is a necessity whilst some will like a glow almost a fuzziness creating a romanticised image.

Our take on it:
Here at Bokeh, we take all that and more into consideration, it's why we don't advise having a photographer simply turn up and start shooting without having asked and answered those questions.  Our process typically starts with a consultation with the people who will be using the images, whether that be a marketing team, administrators, and external agency etc.  Once we have their brief on what they want (this is usually guided by us by giving examples), then we can design the photo-shoot to match the requirements.

Can we simply turn up and shoot if required, of course!  It's not ideal though.  In those situations we would do some research on the images currently in use and work from those to design our photographs to match as much as possible.

Consistency of brand:
With all our work, we also take into account your brand.  The way your business communicates with the outside world is vital to consistency of your message. An exceptional brand expert that we have worked with from Apricity Studio states that if you want to be known as a banana, you'd better smell, taste and look like a banana!  For us, we had best not change your colour, alter the design of create images that fall outside of your brand guidelines.




As you can imagine, our client requirements are so completely bespoke in most cases that we highly recommend having  consultation before we get going.  It's not a long drawn out process but does go into some of the deeper reasons for needing the photography, how it's going to be used and where?

Without exception, every one we have worked with who has taken the time (just half an hour) before we get going with designs and lighting setups were extremely happy with the first cut images.  Other times, there has been a level of experimentation whilst on the shoot to figure those things out.

Our recommendation, is to book a consultation and let's get it right first time without any hassle and by hitting the ground running.