Bokeh Logo - bokeh meaning the blurry part of an image.

We have a lot of people ask us about this, what cameras do you use, what's best... best lens... best make...

In reality, the best camera is the one you have with you at the time... the best lens is the one that's on your camera at that moment, the best make is absolutely irrelevant these days, almost any camera you buy for the money you can afford will get you great images within your limits.

If you give me your phone camera, I will likely take  a better photograph with it than you would with my professional DSLR... the tools matter when you reach a certain level for sure, you don't see the best photographers with the lowest value kit for a reason, but the reason is that the best kit allows for ALL the image capacity to be explored.  If you gave a good professional an average camera, you would still get incredible photographs, it's just knowing the tool and using it to it's best advantage.

As an analogy, if you put a formula one driver in a basic family saloon and asked them to drive around a racetrack, you would expect them to out-drive you on that same track in that same car.  However, if you give them AND you the formula one car, the likelihood is that you would never even get out of the pits, let alone give them a run for their money!!!

This is the same with cameras... so the answer is, all cameras that can capture an image are the right ones to have... based on your experience and what you plan to capture, some will be better than others but essentially... it's the knowledge that takes the better photograph.

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