Our consultations are about finding out how you need your business images to work, what your brand is, what style you need. We need to know what space we will be working in and what time of day to be with you.  It's about understanding how to work with you and your business to give you images that are appropriate and useable.


When we photograph, we use the RAW format on our cameras, this gives us total control over the end result. Essentially, we have to edit every images that comes out of the camera as each one has a flat, non-boosted or tuned profile initially. As stated elsewhere on our site, it's not a flattering or representative image in it's initial form. Our editing is usually included in a project price.


When we shoot, we bring appropriate lighting with us to make your end results exactly the way we discussed them in during the consultation. This is pre-planned based on the available light, the branding and the amount of the locale that needs to be included. Shoots last as long as is required to achieve the right image though again, from the consultation, this will be identified.


The image delivery mechanism is one that will be defined during the consultation. We are happy to deliver either on CD, USB or digitally. We always include full copyright with images, there will be no surprises of additional fees for usage rights. However, we do request access to use images for our own marketing purposes where relevant.

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