Our types of photography!

Our galleries are structured according to the areas of photography that we cover. Currently, as this site is rebuilt, the best place for our galleries has been to put them in the Client Area, many of the galleries there are open and available to be seen by anyone. If a gallery is closed, it's due to client restrictions.

Please feel free to ask about any types of image you wish to see and if a gallery isn't there now, we can load specific types of imagery for you.

Click any of the images below to go to the relevant type of gallery - enjoy!


Our food photography has been finely honed over years of practice with some of the very best chefs in the UK. When we shoot food, we aim to absorb the ambience of a location and the professionalism of the chef within the images we create.

It's a team approach, we consult with the chef beforehand to advise of what will look amazing whilst not creating something that wouldn't normally land in front of a client.


We have been creating headshots for organisations and individuals for many years and for us, it's about gaining a rapport with a client, quickly, but professionally. Our clients know almost instantly that they are in safe hands, we won't make them look terrible, we will deal with their fears, and we will produce results that they will be very happy with.


It may seem odd to put products separate to food which is in effect still not a portrait.. However, when we shoot products, we know that there are going to be very specialist approaches needed, from macro focus stacked images through to refelection management, miniature to bigger than a house type items. Each one of those lit in different ways, photographed in different ways and ultimately edited in different ways.


Within this section we cover both interior and exterior architecture, the photography of buildings, skylines and sites through to the internal finishing touches and styling.

When shooting images in this genre, we base the end result on the end location for the images, the span, height, depth of field etc.